Find out what is the best comb for your hair

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Before we start talking about what is the best brush or comb for your hair, we need to make one thing very clear: combs do not have the same function as brushes. This is a very noticeable difference, as brushes serve to shape and straighten hair while combs untangle and are perfect for finishes and other hair styling details.

That said, we can go on. As you have imagined, each type of hair requires a specific brush or comb. So you need to know what your hair type is and be very clear about what you want to do with it. If you intend to untangle your locks, prefer the combs - brushes can break your strands and that's not quite what you want, right?

Untangling the issue

At this point, it is important to know that: a) your hair will be wet (if it is curly or curly); b) your wires cannot be broken. That said, it is recommended to use wide-toothed and well-separated combs so as not to damage the wires. In the case of so-called "curled", we remind you that they should never be untangled when they are dry for a simple reason: it will arm and it will not be anything beautiful - especially for those who have thin strands.

Black power hair can benefit from combing while dry. As the goal is to give the hair a lot of volume, just use the fork combs well to make the hair look the right way. Since the invention of progressive brushes, Moroccan and different types of straightening, the use of this comb has dropped, but with the resumption of larger hairstyles and curls, the forks are with everything!

Those who have straight or slightly wavy hair can detangle them with alligator combs, those with zigzag teeth. In this case you can use an alligator brush as well. Not surprisingly, you have surely seen some out there and even used it. These are the ones that have balls at the ends. The great advantage of this feature is that it can better spread the hair's natural greasiness while still massaging your scalp.

For modeling

If you have already taken care of your comb, remember that the brush is also responsible for prolonging - or spoiling - the results. This is quite visible in the “bristle type - oiliness” relationship. To ensure uniform distribution of the natural oil in your hair, prefer mixed or natural bristle brushes. They have effects similar to the balls in the tips, but do not massage the scalp. Still, they are perfect for straight hair of any length.

For those who want to model the threads very well, the idea is to work with nylon threads. This kind of material resists heat like almost no other, is quite flexible and is able to do wonders for your hair without burning the strands. It is also a great way to tame thicker or curly hair.

Once brushed, some hair types need some trim. For this, prefer the oval brushes. They have one side with natural bristles - which help maintain the brilliance of the strands - and on the other side, have plastic bristles to dry faster. The great advantage is that this type of brush applies to both straight and curly hair when they are brushed.

For the smooth ones

It is not only because the wires do not need to be brushed to gain more movement, as is the case with curly hair, which needs less care. Straight hair also has its specificities and need to have its hair treated well. For this reason, the double, rectangular and chrome brushes and round wooden brushes can do your hair very well.

Remember that for those who have that beautiful long hair, using a racket-shaped brush can be very good. Although not very loud, it is a good option to untangle and "organize chaos" when you just wake up.

Short and irregular

Those who have short straight hair can better benefit from cutting with specific brushes to give different effects. To make the hairstyles ready before and with a very interesting volume. The medium and round wooden brushes can also help a lot those who want to do some hair styling. Remember, too, that small round brushes are also very practical to use on short hair.

The straight and short ones get even more when you use a double brush to make the effect look like the flat iron. The great advantage is not to beat your wires with excessive heat. This keeps your hair shiny and healthy.

The curls of your hair

It is a matter of love and hate. The curls will not always wake up well with you. After all, they have a mind of their own. However, you can always tame these rebels that are born in your head. For this you have interesting alternatives like the round and large wooden brushes so as not to ruffle your hair further.

Diagonal bristle brushes are also great for this type of hair precisely because they do not damage the strands when picking them up for brushing. So all curls and volume are very well controlled, just the way you want it.
So, you already know what to wear to your hair?