Valentine's Day: 15 famous couples who have been together for at least 10 years

Valentine's Day is coming and there are famous couples that are sources of inspiration for fans. Although many people find that the relationship between two public people has almost nothing to work out, we've put together a list of couples out there to prove that love is in the air ... and it can be forever!

So be inspired by them, declare yourself for your love this Friday and make your relationship last forever!

1. Flávia Alessandra and Otaviano Costa - 10 years old

The two were masters of ceremonies on a cruise when they met and fell in love in 2005.

2. Taís Araújo and Lázaro Ramos - 11 years old

Despite being seven months apart in 2008, the couple returned to their happiness and their fans. The two have been together since 2004.

3. Angelica and Luciano Huck - 12 years old

During the filming of the movie "Summer Show" in 2003, the two met and started dating. They recently suffered a plane crash leaving many fans uneasy.

4. Adriana Esteves and Vladimir Brichta - 12 years old

The two met in 2002's "Student Heart, " but started dating when they recorded "Kubanacan" the following year.

5. Joana Prado and Vitor Belfort - 13 years old

The two had previously dated, but resumed their relationship during the “House of Artists 2” (2002) and never broke up.

6. Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert - 13 years old

The two met at a luau on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro in 2002. They dated, broke up, were about two years apart, and resumed their relationship in 2007, to the happiness of their fans - and themselves.

7. Carla Perez and Xanddy - 16 years old

The two began their relationship dating in hiding in 1999. Axé's "couple 20" went through a lightning split in 2006 that lasted only a week. But love hit harder and they returned!

8. Sandy and Lucas Lima - 16 years old

At first they formed a yo-yo couple: they dated in 1999, broke up, resumed in 2001, broke up again the following year, but since their last comeback in 2004 they have not broken apart anymore.

9. Sandra Annenberg and Ernesto Paglia - 21 years old

The two journalists have been together since 1994! That's good news!

10. Julia Lemmertz and Alexandre Borges - 22 years old

The actors met on the recordings of “War Without End” (1993), from the defunct TV Manchete, and are together to this day.

11. Fatima Bernardes and William Bonner - 25 years old

She joined the "Jornal Nacional" workbench in 1989 and married her co-worker the following year.

12. Malu Mader and Tony Bellotto - 26 years old

The actress and musician met in 1989 through actress Betty Goffman. They soon started dating and got married the following year.

13. Gloria Pires and Orlando Morais - 28 years old

Together since 1987, Gloria and Orlando are one of the most famous famous couples by the Brazilian public. When they celebrated 25 years together, they spent a month alone in Europe on a second honeymoon.

14. Gloria Menezes and Tarcísio Meira - 54 years old

The two recorded the 1961 soap opera "A Bitter Saucer", when they engaged in a relationship and never broke up. They are one of the greatest examples that love can be forever!

15. Rosamaria Murtinho and Mauro Mendonça - 56 years old

And the most enduring relationship award in the world of the famous goes to the two veteran actors: they've been together since 1959! Congratulations!

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