And the June Tip winner was ...

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an astronaut died in space? We glimpsed something similar in the movie “Gravity” and, although no such situation has happened, it is quite possible that it will someday come true. Interestingly, NASA does not have a plan for this, as we explain in this matter.

The reader Leandro was very shrewd when commenting on this article, saying that "at least the vacancy in the sky was already guaranteed". We found the balcony very smart, we selected among the best of June and you voted as the favorite! So the leandro will win a plush Tip, our little mascot here at Mega! Please contact us at email to arrange shipping!


And keep commenting on the articles on the site, because we always keep an eye on all the messages you leave - even those who say they hate us, do what ... Maybe you can't be the next win? Hugs!



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