Snooze cocoon hits Abu Dhabi airport

Jetlag is not one of the best sensations in the world, and waiting for your connection at an airport is not that pleasant either. However, those who pass through Dubai International Airport now have an option to rest while waiting for their next flight.

Although the service is nothing new, what changes in Dubai is that, there, the passenger starts to find technological "cocoons" scattered around the airport. By investing £ 8 per hour - around $ 25 - you get an individual cabin, away from the noise, the light and the crowd.

In addition, cocoons have WiFi points and outlets so you can recharge your electronics while you are resting. The system, called GoSleep, has a reclining chair, giving you the option of sitting in a more comfortable space than the airport seats. For the most tired, just lay back and lower the retractable door that guarantees total privacy.

Although some airports, such as London's Heathrow, already have similar cocoons, Dubai airport managers say that this is the first place passengers will find the perfect sum of comfort and technology. For now, only 10 rest stations have been installed at Abu Dhabi airport; However, another 35 booths are already on the production line and should be positioned soon.