Gaucho company is a pioneer in seeking to generate energy through gravity

In mid-October, Rio Grande do Sul company RAR Energia completed the construction of equipment that can change the way we generate energy in the world. After spending months advertising mysterious announcements in Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the company gradually unveiled the process of assembling the generator engine that would use gravity to create renewable energy.

The company explains that from the continuous motorcycle system it is possible to harness an inexhaustible source to create energy without pollution in the environment or rising temperatures on the planet. According to the RAR Energia website, this is the first equipment with this type of technology in the world.

Image Source: Playback / RAR Energy

“The mechanical system was created with a special conception to capture and harness the energy contained in the planet's gravity, anytime and anywhere, without any pollution or heat. This technology was fully developed by our company and therefore consists of a continuous motorbike, with plenty of energy to be harnessed, in a mechanical, continuous and eternal movement. This machine is similar to a combustion engine, where a set of weights represents the fuel and pistons, which drive connecting rods connected to a crankshaft, ”says the company's website.

The differential of this type of technology is precisely the versatility and the minimization of the environmental effects compared to the traditional alternatives of power generation. But to get results, the Living Cycle website reports that the machine challenges physics concepts such as the laws of thermodynamics and the golden law of mechanics.

Image Source: Playback / RAR Energy

In addition to the engine installed in Porto Alegre, the company's website shows the construction of equipment in the same molds as the Incobrasa Industries plant in Illinois, United States. RAR Energia informs that both equipment will use the planet's gravity in its mechanical system and will be capable of generating 30 kW.

Nevertheless, there is still no scientific proof of machine efficiency. In response to the US PESWiki website, Renato Ribeiro, who is the president of RAR Energia, stated that "this type of energy technology has been pursued for centuries, so it's only natural for people to be skeptical." However, the president assures that the technology will surprise many people and that the equipment patent has already been filed.