This designer has created products that no one can use - would you dare?

Designer Katerina Kamprani has decided to create a series of products that, oddly enough, cannot be used by anyone. His collection, entitled “Uncomfortable”, brings together utensils that, although really beautiful and charming, are simply impossible to use.

While the idea is obviously not to bring these items into people's daily lives, the creation of each piece shows us the great creativity of the designer and also helps us to see everyday items from an angle beyond the purely functional one. Check out:

1 - United Mugs

A cup of coffee

2 - thick fork

One near a knife

3 - You can use it, but it's weird

A cup of coffee

4 - Different


5 - Concrete umbrella

A wooden table

6 - Uncomfortable Fork

One near a knife

7 - Different Kettle

A red box

8 - Knife

One near a knife

9 - Jeez!

A cup of wine

10 - Supercanca

A red suitcase

11 - Friends door?

a white door

12 - Would you sit here?

A chair

13 - And here?

One near a chair

14 - Cheers!

A cup of wine

15 - Complicated overshoes

A yellow cup