Making your own Coke at home could be reality soon

Going out to buy a Coke can can be a rare task in the future - in the most optimistic case, you can make your own soda at home without needing the secret formula of the drink and reproducing the exact taste of the product.

Coca-Cola announced Wednesday that it has spent $ 1.25 billion to buy 10% of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a company that owns coffee machines that automatically and in small quantities (one cup per instead) using ready-made capsule mixes. The deal also means releasing the beverage company's portfolio so that the collection will be used in partner products.

This falls like a glove for Green Mountain, which plans for 2015 the launch of Keurig Cold, a machine that works like today's coffee models but results in sodas, energy drinks and other ice products.

The hot drinks version is already sold in the US. Image Source: Press Release / Keurig

For now, Coca-Cola Company has not confirmed which beverages will be manufactured using Keurig Cold (Sprite and Fanta, among other brands, also belong to the company).

Via Tecmundo