Man returns home after DNA verification that he was dead

Losing a loved one is often very sad. And when death occurs in a macabre way, to the point where the body cannot be visually identified, it is even worse. Relatives of Aigali Supugaliev, 63, a resident of Kazakhstan's Tomarly village, experienced this when the man disappeared without news.

The disappearance took place on July 9, and a few weeks later a decaying body appeared on the outskirts of his home. As it was not possible to identify him, a DNA test was made giving 99.29% certainty that it was Aigali. Her relatives accepted the mourning and prepared the funeral and burial.


Aigali's Tomb and Death Certificate

What no one was expecting was for Aigali to "come back from the dead" as if nothing had happened. Your funeral had already taken place two months ago when you simply reappeared in the village. He says he had taken a temporary job on a distant farm, but didn't think he needed to warn his family.

Aigali's niece almost had a heart attack when she saw her "dead" uncle come into her house. Their relatives were very happy with their return, of course, but now they are outraged by the DNA test - quite expensive, by the way - that had proven that they had buried the right person. Now they will sue the lab in charge and are concerned about who they buried in Aigali's place. After all, this person is probably being sought by the family to this day. Meanwhile, the “former deceased” is rushing to regularize his documents and has fun with the tombstone created for his grave.


Aigali holds his own headstone


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