Young man who disappeared in Acre leaves enigmatic image of Cicada 3301

The young Bruno de Melo Silva Borges, 24, who has been missing since last week and was last seen in the city of Rio Branco, Acre, seems to have left an image that refers to the group Cicada 3301 about scriptures on the wall. own room - learn all about this case here.

If you don't know, Cicada 3301 is the name of an alleged "enigmatic" group that has posted complex challenges involving cryptography and steganography on the Internet. The point is that no one has taken authorship of Cicada 3301, and rumors about what it really is are many. The nominations range from "a group that recruits very smart people, " to hacker, CIA, NSA, FBI, to a simple jumble of users at 4chan, an American forum - and the latter most likely being right answer.

Another open question: what is the connection of young Bruno de Melo with Cicada 3301?

Cicada caught the eye with the riddles posted on the Internet: Of the four challenges revealed, only two were solved - so the person behind it really has some knowledge of what he's doing.

Now what is the connection between young Bruno de Melo and Cicada 3301? This is one more question that the case leaves the answer open. As you can see in the image below, the enigmatic group symbol appears over a scripture on Bruno's bedroom wall.

The symbol of Cicada 3301 is a cicada, which comes from the literal translation of the word "Cicada"

Cicada 3301

As you can see in the image captured by Rede Globo, above the scriptures there is exactly the same symbol used by Cicada 3301.

Bruno's room

Many questions

What was the reason why young Bruno de Melo Silva Borges used the image of Cicada 3301 on the scriptures? Did Bruno have a connection, indicated the answer to any challenge, or did he use the image by coincidence? This is another issue that comes into the picture. Do you have an opinion on this? Leave it in the comments below .

  • If you want to know more details about the Cicada 3301 as well as the challenges, click here.

Key left by Bruno

Deciphering the letters

According to information received yesterday by TecMundo, the internet is already mobilized to decipher the messages, but for this to happen, the books must be made public. In this case, Antecipe's director of vulnerability management platform Igor Rincon and development leader Renoir dos Reis set up a website called "Decipher the Book" to help decrypt other pages as they arise.

Decipher the Book seeks to decode the texts

The books are held by the Civil Police and family. Precisely for this reason, there is no way for the decryption work to go any further - unless the pages are released for public knowledge. So far, a page that has been photographed is the one you follow down here. Note that there are already notes indicating the solution for some characters.

Below you will find the decoded page


Now you read the full decoding of the photographed page

"Hard way

For thousands of years man has been trying to find answers to questions like 'what is the point of life'? The philosophy that seems to have begun with Tales of Miletus in mid-700 BC aims to find traces of unanswered questions. Deep searching for absolute truth comes from philosophy, and when we talk about easy or difficult ways we are referring to this kind of theorem.

It is easy to accept what you have been taught since childhood is wrong. It is difficult, as an adult, to understand that you were wrongly taught what you suspected as a child from childhood. In other words, if you fit into one whose environmental stimuli have given you certain behavior, you are at the mercy of beliefs already provided and well established in dogma and ritual, with a concentrated mass of people in it; or allowing you to conform, accepting the concept of happiness and meaning of life embedded in the media and society, so clearly you are part of the easy path to the pursuit of absolute truth.

If you fit in with the second option, that is, the one who suspected every set of beliefs that were rooted to you, then this one has everything to be an investigator of the truthfulness of things around you, entering a more complicated path in which a minority take a risk or face bravely. "


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