Last day of Queen's Jubilee gathers crowd in London

Ceremony in honor of the Queen. Source: Brazil Online Report Entertainment News

(Reuters) Queen Elizabeth 2a began the fourth and final day of her diamond jubilee celebrations on Tuesday with a solo appearance at the St. Paul's Cathedral thanksgiving service, before a procession of carriages and a nod to the public at Buckingham Palace.

People crowded the streets to see the 86-year-old monarch, who appeared melancholy in the cathedral, participating without her husband on one of the most solemn occasions of her reign. Prince Philip, with whom she has been married for 64 years, was hospitalized on Monday with a bladder infection.

The palace said the 90-year-old's internment was "precautionary" and he would spend some days under observation. Although his condition is not serious, the internment has slightly overshadowed the brilliance of the jubilee celebrations, which crown a phase of great popularity for the queen.

Millions of people attended last-day parties and ceremonies, including a river procession of more than 1, 000 boats on the River Thames on Sunday and a star-studded show Monday in front of Buckingham Palace.

Elizabeth II at the last ceremony. Source: Getty Images

Elizabeth 2a is only the second British monarch to surpass 60 years of reign. She is only surpassed by her great-great-grandmother Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901.

The queen usually only appears on television annually for a brief Christmas message, but on Tuesday she will give an extraordinary speech, starting at 2 pm (Brasília time), thanking her subjects for the tributes.

In the morning, a crowd began to form on Mall Avenue, which gives access to the palace, creating a sea of ​​national colors - red, blue and white. In addition to the royal family's nod, the popular await a display of old and modern British Royal Air Force aircraft.

"Some may find all this a little frivolous, but it is all about spreading love, " said Aba Shanti, 41, who wore a British-flag motif dress.

Following the pop celebrity parade on Monday night's show, Tuesday's events are most marked by the pomp associated with the British monarchy worldwide.

Wearing a silk tulle costume embroidered with small starry green flowers, and adorned with silver thread, Elizabeth arrived at the cathedral under the cries of "God save the queen, " emitted by the crowd at the site.

A choir of trumpets boasted her entrance, before members of the congregation bowed in awe.

Royalty gathered. Source: Getty Images

"Today marks the anniversary of a very public and historic act of dedication - a dedication that has endured faithfully, calmly and generously for most of the adult lives of most of us here, " said Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury. and spiritual leader of the Anglican Church.

"We are marking living proof that public service is possible, and it is a place where happiness can be found, " he told the congregation, which also heard a speech by Prime Minister David Cameron.

The royals then departed for receptions at two of the capital's most sumptuous buildings, Mansion House and Guildall. Lunch will be at the Westminster Hall, the oldest part of Parliament.
Without the company of her husband, the queen will return to the palace in a 1902 carriage, accompanied by her eldest son, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla. Military bands will accompany the parade, and there will be a 60-gun cannon volley.

Princes Harry and William, sons of Charles, will follow the procession in other chariots. William's wife, the popular Kate Middleton, wears an Alexander McQueen dress during the ceremonies.

(Reporting by Michael Holden and Mike Collett-White)