20 more beautifully recreated photos

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

2. With the same skateboard in 1978 and 2008

3. Photos separated by 15 years

4. Almost 18 years later, the crazy things are the same

5. Ramona the cat, after 16 years

6. Top: 29-year-old father and 2-month-old son. Below: son with 29 years and grandson with 2 months.

7. Discovering in childhood that he would become a designer 17 years later

8. Best friends at play and fat even after 11 years

9. More than two decades later, boys still enjoy playing in the mud

10. The cat grew up around its tail in the 15 years that separate the two photos.

11. Brothers in the bathtub: what changes is the drink

12. Brothers recreating photos before it is fashionable

13. Is there an Italian gene in this girl?

14. First day at school and just before graduation: was Grandma proud?

15. The cast changed from son to mother after 22 years

16. Brothers and best friends for all eternity

17. Four brothers before and after whey

18. Best Friends in Photos with a Decade Difference

19. Halloween costume is the same after 16 years

20. Crazy Boy / Boy

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