US map reveals places that have names associated with the devil and hell

In fact, hell exists and it may be closer than we think. Or at least it inspires us more often than we can suppose.

After visiting an uninhabited area of ​​Utah and crossing other parts of the United States, designer Jonathan Hull realized that places like "The Devil's Garden", "Hell's Canyon" and "The Devil's Head" were more common than it looked like.

Image Source: Playback / Visualizing

From there, the designer decided to research and write down all references to the devil and hell he could find within the United States. Words such as “diablo”, “hell”, “devil”, “purgatory”, “satan” and small variants served as search terms.

The result has been fully compiled into a giant map (which you can see in very high quality on this link) that shows the location of each of the devilish places and makes it clear that the United States is covered in references to hell.

Of course, this is not a peculiarity of the country, as it is very likely that this kind of phenomenon can also be perceived in other parts of the world. So, tell us in the comments which are the places with demonic names that you know Brazil outside.