Model suffers bizarre fall at Victoria's Secret fashion show

The annual Victoria's Secret fashion show is one of the biggest events in the fashion world. Since 1995, the brand has teamed up with some of the most famous top models of the moment to showcase their new line of lingerie. Being chosen to be one of the angels is the dream of many models!

The Chinese Ming Xi has been part of the cast since 2013. This year, in her fifth participation, the parade took place for the first time in Shanghai, her hometown. Ming was to be expected to be the biggest star of the night and in fact she caught the eye, but in a very tragic way: the model fell on the catwalk! Check out the video of the moment:

Poor Xi Meng Yao took a fall onstage ???? Baby girl got back up and gave a gorgeous pose though (topic currently trending too), hoping they don't cut her out ♥? # ??? #ximengyao #mingxi

- c-drama tweets (@dramapotatoe) November 20, 2017

Ming, 28, wrapped her sandal around her chiffon skirt and tripped over while waving to the audience. She was helped by Brazilian top Gizele Oliveira, who was debuting at the Victoria's Secret show this year. Ming was visibly uncomfortable with the situation, but nonetheless completed the course with great grace.

The parade was recorded on Monday (20) and will air on US television on the 28th. However, Ming's fall is expected to be cut from the final edition, as organizers record two walks of each model predicting that such accidents can happen.

Gizele is a true angel by helping Mingxi when she fell ??????

- ?? (@artdebeauty) November 20, 2017