Woman needs to make 300 sandwiches to get married

“She got me in the stomach.” While for many this phrase may be a joke to portray the marriage, the exchange of rings between Stephanie Smith and Eric depends on just that. But the terms of this union seem a bit exhausting: the future bride needs to make 300 sandwiches for her boyfriend.

The proposal was made in an unusual way, declares the American reporter. One day, after preparing a simple snack for Eric, he commented, "Honey, you're 300 sandwiches from a wedding ring." She never imagined that two pieces of bread with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and salami could transform her boyfriend's life in such a way, but she accepted the challenge.

Stephanie admits she's not the couple's cook. For the journalist, Eric cooks easily, no matter the situation - be it at barbecues, dinners or a simple breakfast. She doesn't consider the challenge sexist, after all she does something that pleases her devoted boyfriend.

Image Source: 300sandwiches

Stephanie and Eric's union counter is now up to 178 recipes - and all sandwiches created can be viewed on the 300sandwiches website. In addition to the mouth-watering photos, she has the ingredients and how to prepare each of the snacks. Maybe that will help future brides win their boyfriends "in the stomach", won't it?