British politician claims his mother is an alien

(Image source: Playback / Megawatts1066)

A British alderman startled his colleagues in parliament by declaring that his "real mother" is an alien. Simom Parkes, elected to represent the Stakesby community in Whitby (a small, quiet town in England), says he has contacted extraterrestrials hundreds of times.

According to The Northern Echo, the 52-year-old man says that in one of these contacts, when he was still a baby, a green being - with a kite-shaped head, wide eyes, small nostrils and thin lips - appeared over his cradle and invaded your mind.

"Two thin green things came up. I noticed a movement over my head. I thought, 'It's not Mom's hands, her hands are pink.' I looked straight into the face of the being. She entered my head through my eyes. and left the message in my brain through my optic nerve. She said, I'm your real mother, I'm your most important mother, "said Parkes.

(Image source: Playback / Megawatts1066)

Later, at age 11, the councilman was allegedly abducted by the extraterrestrials, who allegedly stated that they were not interested in him because of his physical body, but in something that was inside him: his soul. The "alien mother" of the politician would be 2.7 meters tall and eight fingers.

However, Simom Parkes says his life story will not affect his work in the town hall. "For many people who have not experienced this, it is very difficult to accept, " he explains. "It's a personal problem and it won't affect my work. I'm more interested in fixing roofs and pits. People won't see me talking about aliens, " complemented the parliamentarian.

His interview with YouTube's AMMACH group is nearly four hours long. Below are the links to the videos:

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