Shameless Advertising Plays Taboo Theme and Is Banned in the UK

As much as things go beyond liberals these days, there are some themes that apparently will never stop being taboo. One is masturbation, and addressing this subject publicly is often very uncomfortable. Perhaps that is why an advertisement launched - and prohibited! - in the UK is giving the talk.

According to The Guardian, this is the announcement of a protein shake - one that is superpopular among regular gymgoers - ready for consumption. The campaign, however, was deemed offensive and taken down after viewers complained about the content.

The advertisement features several guys preparing their drinks with conventional compounds, which need to be beaten manually. So far, no problem, right? However, the images were captured so that part of the scenes are hidden, showing the protagonists shaking their “utensils” - don't imagine anything silly! - very suggestively and, in most situations, close to women. See below:

Evidently, after so much scandal, the ad fell on the internet and became a success. After all, we have to admit that the advertising is pretty funny, and that everyone who has ever seen someone wildly shaking one of these shakes related the action to some bullshit, right? And you, reader, what did you think? Do you believe the reaction of the British was exaggerated? Do not let your opinion in the comments.