Report: What Happens When You Get a Parasite Infection

Have you ever had a parasite infection? Most of these worms can cause serious problems and even death. Some of them you can see in the list of the five most diabolical parasites in the world or in the text about the 10 super-dangerous parasites that may be in your food.

The ills these creatures can do are countless and the feeling of being contaminated by one of them is horrible. At least that's what portrays Cameron Smith's testimony to the Gizmodo site.

Smith is a traveler and settled in Guatemala recently. It was in the Latin American country that he contracted amoeba and felt the immeasurable experience of being contaminated by a parasitic worm. He related the experience from the earliest symptoms, treatments and even cure of the disease.

Little case and early symptoms

At first, Smith says he had little knowledge and little concern for these diseases. He even got an infection after a fly lays eggs on a burn wound on his leg. The wound was caused by a motorcycle accident in West Africa, but the infection did not cause major problems.

On another occasion, in a Belize forest, he and a friend named Robert had contact with the straw mosquitoes, and while Smith had no major problems, the companion contracted leishmaniasis and nearly died from an insect bite. Smith states that he does not know whether what influenced his stamina was a result of survival or simply luck. What happened to his friend made him uneasy, and after that his luck seems to have changed.

The straw mosquito

He reports that he began to feel weak, swollen and with a lot of urine. His insides were bleeding, and he had very strong diarrhea. The adventurer suspected that he had a kind of worm in his stomach and decided to check.


According to Cameron Smith, he might have tried conventional antibiotic treatment or something more alternative, but to him, these forms looked like scorched earth tactics. So it was a few trips to a local clinic, but the structure of the country, according to him, is delayed, and this often leads to misdiagnosis. Knowing this reality and curious to find out what it was, he then sought an acquaintance at the clinic to review his examination.

Amoeba protozoan

Well, the result pointed to amoebiasis, an infection caused by amoeba protozoa, and the clinic prescribed him some cheap pills, the origin of which he could not identify. Because he was left behind with these drugs, knowing that no disease has an effective fight and that some medicines can have serious side effects, he decided to appeal to more natural alternatives.

The cure

As described in his account, Smith ate papaya seeds and raw garlic "like popcorn." In addition, he consumed liters of strong black tea and cut the pork from the menu. To prevent further contamination, she wore long sleeves and trousers to get rid of mosquitoes and struggled to keep her bitch Ramona from climbing into her bed.

The measures seem to have worked, and the symptoms slowly faded away. Currently Cameron Smith says he is 100% even smarter and prepared for new trips and adventures.