Find out which are the 5 most poisonous animals on the planet [video]

You've probably heard someone say that someone is "poisonous", right? Now, really poisonous are the five animals you'll see next. They'll make that work-jealous guy or the most intriguing girl in history look like amateurs.

5 - Rockfish

Ranked fifth on this venomous podium is a fish that looks as harmless as a rock, but is one of the most dangerous beings of all. In many cases of poisoning by this animal it is necessary that the victim has to go through an amputation process of the infected limb.

Rockfish toxin, which is found in the Pacific and Indian oceans, causes shocks, paralysis and necrosis of the affected region. If not received medical attention, the victim may die.

4 - Marble cone snail

Ah, what a beautiful snail, right? Beautiful and deadly: just one drop of the poison this pet produces is enough to kill 20 adults. This snail is mostly found in the Indian Ocean, and its poison causes severe pain and serious health damage to those who do not seek medical treatment immediately. At least 30 deaths have been recorded due to contact with the snail.

3 - Blue-ringed Octopus

I can understand it, right? Sea animals are fascinating, exotic and dangerous. This cute octopus, which lives in Japan and Australia, is the smallest of its kind and measures around 8 inches. The toxin it produces, however, is extremely strong and is capable of killing up to 26 people, causing muscle weakness, dizziness and respiratory arrest - detail: there is still no antidote to the animal's poison. This octopus is usually yellow, but turns blue when it is irritated.

2 - King Cobra

If you are passing through Asia, get smart and if you find one of these little snake midway, run into the hills. The animal's poison can kill an elephant within hours - it is more powerful than other snakes because it can inject five times as much poison into its victims. Giant, the snake reaches over 5 meters and, when it lifts, it reaches a height of approximately 2 meters.

1 - Australian Box Jellyfish

And who would say that the most dangerous creature on the planet would be a beautiful jellyfish ... A resident of Asia and Australia, this macabre little animal kills an average of 100 people every year. The toxin you release by simply touching someone hits the victim's heart, nervous system and skin cells. Because the pain is superintense, the affected person dies of shock, drowns or suffers a cardiac arrest before even leaving the water.

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