Do women really need to wear a bra?

Girls, women and ladies, you may have heard many opinions about the bra, which once served as a symbol of feminist struggle in various protests around the world, especially after the famous burning of bras in the 1960s - this manifesto. It was not the first, but the one with the greatest impact.

The relationship with feminist struggles is not by chance, after all, the battle for equal rights movement, basically, and the discomfort caused by the old corsets, which turned into bras at the beginning of the last century, is something that deserves questions and reflections.

The item is so common in the daily lives of women around the world that its usefulness is not always discussed: do women really need to wear a bra anyway?

False need

Image Source: Playback / Telegraph

According to French professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, who has been studying female breasts for 15 years, after a year wearing a bra, breasts tend to fall 7 mm longer than those who do not wear the accessory. The calculation may not work for women who are already middle-aged or older - Rouillon did his research with younger women.

The fact is that if a woman never wears a bra in her life, she probably won't have her sagging breasts, as girls around the world fear. After studying 330 women, Rouillon defined the bra as "a false necessity." The volunteers who did not wear bras had less sagging and firmer breasts.

Even with all this positive information about not wearing bras, the researcher does not advise that women who wear the accessory simply stop wearing it. Breasts accustomed to the support of bras seem not to have the same "ease" when they are without the said whose. This is because the chest muscles of women wearing bra are conditioned to be supported rather than to promote a kind of self-support. So what do you think about this?