See what are the 17 highest paid positions by Google

If you don't know, Google loves to hire engineers and often pay well for professionals who can handle the specialized demand. Because if you were curious about how much people get for your services, Business Insider gathered the 17 most profitable jobs in the Mountain View company - except for the highest level of executives. Recalling that the numbers were estimated from information from candidates and professionals themselves on work platforms such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn. That said, let's go to the role:

17. Senior Online Sales and Operations Manager

Annual Salary: $ 165, 596

The position involves overseeing online sales strategies as well as revenue growth.

16. Senior Finance Manager

Annual Salary: $ 166, 647

This position implies addressing the considerable accounting needs of a large Internet company such as Google, from purchasing to budgeting to payroll.

15. Senior Software Development Engineer

Annual salary: $ 171, 285

Coding is a big part of a software engineer's day, and the most experienced deal with the most complex programming.

14. Senior Research Scientist

Annual Salary: $ 172, 000

Google researchers participate in projects related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. They are trained to analyze data and teach enterprise systems how to learn from it, making software and services smarter.

13. Sales Strategy Manager

Annual Salary: $ 173, 077

With Google advertising still being the foundation of your business, it's important to have experts in charge of figuring out the best ways to sell to customers. That's where this position comes in.

12. Senior Technical Program Manager

Annual Salary: $ 174, 500

Responsible for conducting projects, which includes managing project schedules, identifying the risks involved, and communicating project objectives among teams.

11. Team User Experience Designer

Annual salary: $ 184, 720

User experience designers are tasked with ensuring that Google products look good and are easy to use.

10. Product Manager III

Annual Salary: $ 185, 000

This position involves overseeing various projects that deal with company products and keeping everyone involved in tune.

9. Engineering Manager II

Annual Salary: $ 192, 000

Engineers build the foundation that supports Google's most important products. The manager in this area is responsible for overseeing teams to develop, test and build new products and improve existing ones.

8. Team Software Engineer

Annual Salary: $ 200, 923

Google engineers need to be excellent at solving complex problems. That's why the company was once known for challenging job seekers with intriguing puzzles. The salary for this position is usually 60% higher than the national average in the United States.

7. Senior Product Manager

Annual Salary: $ 201, 600

Experienced product managers help engineering teams achieve a common goal, even in widely dispersed offices.

6. Senior Software Engineering Manager

Annual salary: $ 205, 290

Highly requested and experienced programming professional responsible for leading teams of programmers.

5. Marketing Director

Annual Salary: $ 234, 741

A marketing director's job is to publicize what Google has to offer. This can include conference presentations, blog entries, TV commercials and many other things in addition.

4. Senior Software Engineer for Team

Annual salary: $ 205, 290

Technical leadership in any department in which they work, whether on YouTube, AdWords, or any other division of the company.

3. Director

Annual Salary: $ 247, 500

A Google director, regardless of division, is expected to bring superior leadership skills to command and manage teams and keep everyone focused on a common goal.

2. Group Product Manager

Annual Salary: $ 253, 095

Product managers are the connecting point for every Google project. They interact with sales, software engineers, marketing managers, and virtually every other major project participant.

1. Engineering Director

Annual salary: $ 283, 591

As its name implies, this professional encompasses all aspects of engineering within a company. It is a position that may require up to 10 years of experience.

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