11 foods to avoid for heartburn and gastric reflux

1 - Citrus fruits

Adding acidic elements to a burning stomach is not a good idea, especially when fasting.

2 - Caffeine

It's always good to drink caffeinated beverages in moderation, but this rule applies even more to heartburn or gastric reflux sufferers. Coffee, dark teas and sodas should be cut from the lives of those with gastric problems.

3 - Chocolate

The problem with chocolate is that it also has caffeine and is a producer of stomach acid. Eating chocolate also relaxes the muscles below the esophagus, which causes heartburn.

4 - Tomatoes

Another common item in many people's lives that worsens cases of stomach acidity. Better to avoid.

5 - Carbonated drinks

Drinking beer, soda and the like is not a good idea when you have heartburn or reflux, huh! The gas of these drinks also makes the stomach more acidic.

6 - Spicy Foods

It's easy to understand why you shouldn't eat pepper and spicy things when you have heartburn, right? But it's always good to remember.

7 - Peppermint

Although tea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis herb is good for health, it is not recommended for those with gastric problems, because if taken after the meal, it increases the acidity in your stomach.

8 - Alcoholic Beverages

Like chocolate, alcohol also relaxes the muscles in the region below the esophagus, and this increases the acid concentration of the region. Better to avoid.

9 - Fatty Foods

On days of angry burn, no eating cheeses, nuts, fatty meats and the like. If it is unavoidable, at least take it easy when measuring the dose and preferably do not eat this food at night.

10 - Fried Foods

In addition to the fat itself, which is bad for your health and greatly increases the calories in food, fried foods are big villains in terms of causing heartburn and gastric reflux. Your health will thank you if you stop consuming these foods.

11 - Garlic and Onions

This is sad for those who like well seasoned foods. While these items are not a problem for everyone suffering from heartburn, some people get worse when they consume them - if you notice that after eating a garlic bread or an onions steak you got sick, maybe it's It's good to avoid this kind of spice.


These tips are not intended to cure gastric disorders, but to alleviate the very troublesome burning symptoms. If you have frequent burns, have reflux or get sick every time you eat some kind of food, it is ideal to seek medical help.