15 hilarious images you need to see before you have children

1. It doesn't matter if you are shopping at the supermarket

2. If you are attending an important event

3. Or if the pantry door was left open

4. Having children requires a lot of patience and willingness

5. Unbeknownst to you, they may suddenly appear in the most unlikely places.

6. Repagiate Your Notebook and Add Vibrant Colors to It

7. Finish in a moment with your box of fresh strawberries

8. Make a shocking permanent marker makeup

9. And stretch the body in its awaited moment of rest

10. It's ... when it's time to raise children, it's not all flowers

11. To maintain normality, it is necessary to develop certain tricks

12. Set some limits

13. Practice Patience a Lot

14. Have a stomach for some strong scenes

15. And most of all, getting used to repeated displays of involutive humor.


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