26 years old with a smiley face of 10: Meet the South Korean Peter Pan

Once you reach a certain age, hearing that we look younger sounds like a nice compliment. Now imagine being 26 and having the look and voice of a 10-year-old. That's what happens to Hyomyung Shin, a South Korean boy with a very rare condition: Highlander Syndrome.

Shin appeared in a documentary on South Korean television reporting the difficulties he has in trying to lead a man's life in a child's body. He tells the reporter that he often needs to show his ID to prove that he really was born on May 1, 1989, especially to get into the bars and clubs he likes to go to.

In addition to going out, Shin has very common habits for men his age: he likes to be fashionable, parading in various clothes during the interview, and also keeps a poster of actress Scarlett Johansson behind his bedroom door.

Highlander Syndrome

Little can be found about Highlander Syndrome, with very few similar cases reported in the world, but it seems to be thanks to her that Hyomyung Shin quickly became a national celebrity. There is, however, an ABC documentary about a similar condition, as the term "Highlander Syndrome" is not an officially recognized term.

The young man says his growth occurred at a normal pace during childhood, shown in the report through old photographs, but suddenly stopped in his teens. Hyomyung says his doctor has made sure his health is OK even if he has the syndrome.

Some articles have even gone so far as to say that the six foot tall man can carry the secret to immortality with him because of his condition - but there is no scientific evidence at this time.