4 useless inventions you DON'T have to take on the trip

We always think of making travel as comfortable as possible and we hope that nothing will be missing. On the other hand, the less luggage we carry, the better; because it reduces the risk of it being lost. Every year, the number of people who venture into the most diverse routes, whether for work or for pleasure, increases, so that industries try their best to make life easier for people who like to be on the road.

As a result, inventions are as diverse as possible, but to some extent useless. We separated below 4 items that few people would have courage:

1. Scooter bag

Normally, we do not walk long distances carrying a suitcase, especially if it is heavy - so we often use other ways of getting to the boarding point. To avoid weightlifting, there are the training wheels, which serve very well what they lend themselves. So why pay a lot more for a scooter bag? It's a little pointless, because there's no need for it. Not to mention it will sound a little ridiculous.

2. Suitcase with coffee holder

Even those who really like coffee above all things would not be very willing to spend money on it, after all coffee does not need this kind of perk. Any countertop serves as a cup holder. Inside a more luxurious bus, you can count on it, just like on airplanes. Even many cars come with trays nowadays.

3. Inflatable footrest

This item may seem very comfortable, but it does not have an ideal space for it - not to mention that there are other types of footrests. To make matters worse, the inflatable support is too big to be too much luggage! It takes up a lot of internal space and thus becomes an accessory that does not have a great viability. Certainly, the cost-benefit ratio of this product is a bit dubious. Not to mention that if you do not take it full, you will be required to fill up at the time of travel.

4. Portable Bidet

For those who do not know, the bidet is that section that is next to the toilet and that serves for intimate hygiene. So would you go around carrying one of these in your suitcase? Would you really be willing to use this on a bus or plane? Bus toilets, in general, in Brazil, are very complicated, and for airplanes do not have exactly that need. Surely this is a useless invention that very few people would bother to use.

* Via advisory