7 ways to be more respected

1 - Put kindness into practice

You like to be treated with respect, right? Because that's how it is with other people too. The key here is to be kind to all the people you live in, regardless of their role in your life and their mood of the day. Being nice to the porter, co-workers, wife, husband, family members and bakery staff where you buy bread, for example, is a good way to have the respect of those same people. .

2 - Eliminate disrespectful behaviors

If you have habits like rolling your eyes, snorting or not letting go of your phone when someone is talking to you, it's time to review that. Not only are these attitudes quite inelegant, but they can end up causing your image to be seen permanently as someone who doesn't pay attention to other people's speech.

That's that good old logic of reciprocity: would you like to talk to someone who is clearly not interested in your conversation? Of course not. So don't act that way with others either.

3 - Be a good listener

Here's a seemingly easy task, but it's not that simple. Actively listening to what others have to say means giving each other space and asking pertinent questions about what they are talking about. When you do this to a person, when you show real interest in what they have to say, you end up with their respect and sympathy.

4 - Be Helpful

An easy way to earn someone's respect is to demonstrate that you are always willing to give a little help when you need it. Be the person who opens the door, who helps carry bags, who catches something that has fallen to the floor. Do not expect to be called upon to do so or expect future rewards - that is definitely not the spirit of the thing.

5 - Stop making excuses

The truth is simple: your attitudes always have to do with your choices, except for unforeseen moments, which are often really rare. Besides, when you don't deliver something on time, for example, it just means you're not a very good person at managing your time, and you don't even have to apologize. Recognizing your mistakes is better than apologizing, even if the idea is to get respect from someone.

6 - Don't feed your anger

Being angry doesn't hurt anyone but the person who does it, so the thing is to empty your head, take a deep breath, listen to a nice little song, and do a self-analysis: Does your object of anger deserve all this attention? Is it worth it or will it just help you develop an ulcer or go through a beautiful sleepless night?

7 - Change is necessary

It's that thing: You can't expect different results if you don't change your actions. One must constantly learn new skills, know new horizons, discover new paths and try different things. Moreover, it is always worth recognizing the progress made along the way - in this way you become a better and better respected human being.