8 Horrifying Living Things Ever Found Within Humans

Although many people around the world are fans of piercing and other types of body implants, the fact that having a foreign body inserted in you is not always a simple matter of aesthetics. In some cases, intruders can be bizarre, scary and even dangerous beings, involving situations that seem straight out of horror movies.

From trees growing inside lungs and fish that have entered someone's bladder to flesh-eating worms and living spiders walking inside a man's body, here are some hideous stories of strange living things that have already been found inside human bodies.

It is noteworthy, of course, that this list is not recommended for people who are afflicted with insects, worms, parasites or things in general within their bodies. Be warned!

8 - Larvae, larvae on all sides

If you have ever felt an insect enter your eye for a moment and found yourself unlucky, you can celebrate by the softness of your suffering. A 5-year-old boy living in Honduras was not so lucky to discover that a parasitic insect had laid eggs inside his eyes that gave rise to larvae that had to be surgically removed.

In another case, a 92-year-old woman went to the doctor complaining of earache and found that no less than 57 of the small meat eaters had been in there for two or three days. And if that is not enough, how about hundreds of them? This was the case of an Indian man who had to remove them before they could reach his brain, causing his death.

If you are the type who has a strong stomach and only believes in seeing, click here to also see the case of a person who has had a 19 cm worm removed from inside your eyeball. Urgh!

7 - Becoming one with nature

When the American Ronan Svedan was stricken with a persistent cough, he suspected it could be a sign of cancer and decided to go to the hospital. On X-ray, however, doctors were surprised to find a small pea plant growing inside one of the man's lungs.

A similar case occurred with Russian Artyom Sidorkin, who consulted specialists after experiencing extreme pain in his chest. Fearing it was a tumor, doctors quickly prepared it for surgery. However, at the beginning of the procedure, what they found was a 5 cm pine tree that was growing in the patient's lung. He is believed to have inhaled one of the tree's seeds while exercising in the forest with the army.

In Beijing, China, a little girl was found to have a more explicit relationship with nature. According to doctors, the girl had a fully formed dandelion plant inside her ear.

6 - Private Aquarium

You have probably heard stories about small fish that live in lakes and often get trapped inside the penises of boys and men as they try to climb their urethra. If you have wondered what would happen if they didn't get stuck, know that they may well end up inside human bladders, causing pain and discomfort.

This is what happened to an Indian boy who had a 2 cm fish removed from his bladder by teachers Vezhaventhan and Jeyaraman, who then published an academic paper on the case. And if that sounds like a lot, then you will be surprised by the story of a Chinese man who also had his bladder invaded - only instead of a 2 cm goldfish, his guest was a 15 cm long eel.

Although having one of these beings accidentally inside your body is terrible, it is much worse when it is really your fault. That's what happened to a Chinese man who, after watching a pornographic movie, decided to put a 50 cm eel in his anus. While trying desperately to escape, the animal bit and opened a hole in its large intestine and ended up in its body cavity. The doctors managed to remove it, but the man eventually suffered from severe internal bleeding.

5 - Music to the ears

Do you know that unpleasant sensation of water trapped inside your ears? It can be much worse when what settles in your ear cavity is not just a liquid but a living insect. Indian doctors tell the story of an unidentified man who once went to the hospital and had an 8 cm cricket removed from inside his ear - was that his conscience?

Although crickets can gain a little sympathy from Pinocchio fans, the same is certainly not true of cockroaches. One day Australian Hendrik Helmer went to the doctor to find out the reason for a terrible pain in his ear and found that one of these 2.5 cm creeping beings had settled there and could only be removed using tweezers.

And if an insect inside your ear is not enough, how about two? An unidentified American reports that one day he discovered that a moth and a tick had been simultaneously installed inside one of his ears. Luckily, his friends volunteered to help him and removed the tweezers.

4 - Sharp Spider Sense

British singer Katie Melua says she once spent a week listening to sounds and having strange sensations inside her ear, and letting doctors examine her discovered a small jumping spider living in her ear canal. The little animal was removed by means of a suction device and the woman decided to release it in her backyard.

Less lucky, a woman identified only as Mrs. Lee arrived at the hospital in August 2012 complaining of itching in her ear. Looking at it, what the doctors discovered was not a small jumper, but a sizable, four-eyed spider, covered with stinging hair and barbed paws, living there for five days as if it had found the most cozy burrow.

Tired of hearing her colleagues talking about the comfort of human ears, a small Australian arachnid decided to innovate with her host, Dylan Maxwell. Returning from his vacation on the Indonesian island of Bali, he discovered a scar-like mark running from his belly button to his chest and went to the hospital, where doctors discovered that the trail was made by a tropical spider that entered the body. man and survived inside for several days.

3 - Death by amoeba

As visual as this list is so far, not all invasive threats are visible to the naked eye. Popularly known as a brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowlei is a type of protist found in heated water deposits such as certain types of lakes, rivers and hot springs.

Upon contact with humans, the being invades the central nervous system through the nose, migrates towards the skull and eventually reaches the brain. There, she begins to feed and causes primary amoebic meningoencephalitis - a disease with a fatality rate of over 95% of cases.

2 - Mother of all tumors

Although the teratoma is not a plant or animal on its own, it can be considered as a living being. Colloquially known as "The Monster Tumor, " it is a specific type of cancer that contains tissues or parts of organs that resemble normal parts of our bodies.

Documented cases tell that such tumors can develop hair, teeth, bones and even more complex things like eyes, torsos or limbs. And as if that were not enough, there are reports of instances where teratomas attacked their hosts' brains in an attempt to possess them completely.

1 - My twin, my burden

Stranger than finding out that you carry an insect, parasite, or malignant tumor is knowing that your guest is actually the twin you never knew you had. This is exactly what happened to Sanju Bhagat, who in 1999 discovered that the deformation in his belly was caused by a parasitic twin that remained alive within him.

By being surgically removed, the unborn human who did not have a brain revealed that he had reached the point of developing hands and feet. Although this type of occurrence is extremely rare, similar cases have already been discovered in young children and even still developing fetuses, being taken out and studied by doctors.