Winter trend alert: creepers are back!

Creepers at Chanel Resort 2013 collection. Credit:

If you are part of the group that hated the success of high heeled sneakers this summer, you can breathe a sigh of relief: the model is due out in winter 2013. But a new, distinctive shoe promises to gain space on the streets.

Creepers are those flat-soled platform shoes that may or may not have laces and usually have a rounded toe. Also called flatforms, they came up in various collections, such as Chanel's Resort 2013 and Triton's Winter 2012. Now you can find versions of them in the cold season lines of brands like Dakota, Dumond and Carnation & Cinnamon.

The emergence of the model, however, is not recent. It was created in the period of World War II in 1945 as a sturdy footwear for soldiers. In 1950, the Teddy Boys (from London) started using creepers and later, in 1970, punks joined the trend. In the 1990s it was clubbers' turn to bet on flatforms.

Flatforms at Triton Winter 2012 Collection. Credit: Fotosite / Disclosure Agency

In winter 2013, the model returns to the windows as a bolder and more comfortable option for fashionistas. As with sneakers, there are styles and prints to suit everyone, such as animal print, spikes, metallics and glitter. There are also easier models to match, in neutral colors like black and nude.

It remains to wait and see who will go around displaying your creeper. To check out some of the models from the winter collections, visit the gallery: