After apocalyptic prediction, Russians talk about urgency to colonize Mars

According to Vitali Lapota, president of Russian spacecraft maker PKK Energia, due to the continued growth of the sun within a few million years - phew ... we still have a little time! - the earth will be destroyed by the star. According to the Russian, it is vital that humanity begins to worry about the question of finding a new planet to inhabit. So for Lapota, it is best that we soon develop a plan to colonize Mars.

The company already has a team of astrophysicists working on a project in case of a possible evacuation of the earth. In fact, the prediction made by the Russians is nothing new, and we have even talked about it here at Mega Curious. As with other Sun-like stars, it will eventually consume all its fuel and turn into a red giant. And at this stage it will undergo a huge expansion, emitting much more heat than currently occurs.

End of Times

The prediction of Russian astrophysicists, made during an international economic forum in St. Petersburg, has been sharply criticized by groups who say that "earthlings" have more important and urgent things to worry about, such as extreme poverty and hunger. Not to mention that Russia does not have the space technology needed to reach the moon, who will tell Mars!

To reach either destination - Moon or Mars - the country would first have to develop a launch vehicle with a load capacity of at least 80 tonnes. Before collapsing, the Soviet Union had two types of vehicles with these characteristics, and Russia would have to renew these technologies before it could return to the race for space exploration.