Dove Campaign Reveals: 96% of Women Don't Look Pretty

Dove is famous for promoting advertising campaigns focused on the “real beauty” of every woman. For this, the brand constantly creates campaigns with “ordinary” women and not celebrities or supermodels.

The video you will see next is another of the brand's campaigns, which decided to analyze how is the self-image of women from different parts of the world. For that, above the entrance doors of busy buildings, were placed the words "beautiful" and "common".

The idea was that women, when entering these buildings, would decide which door to go through, and that decision, of course, is directly linked to their image of themselves. The result is surprising: 96% of women chose to enter the “ordinary” door.

The video was made in Shanghai (China), San Francisco (USA), London (England), Sao Paulo and Delhi (India), with 11, 000 women - of these, 9, 397 do not consider themselves beautiful. According to the brand itself, feeling beautiful is an empowering activity that should be done daily, leaving aside the concern to achieve a beauty standard sold on magazine covers.

And you, what do you think about this kind of experience? Do you think we are very demanding when it comes to the pursuit of beauty? Which of the two doors would you go through?

Via InAbstract