Slow cricket singing is a lot like choir of human voices! Listen!

Do you know that sweet little cricket crunching noise you hear when you go to sleep somewhere farther out of town, at a relative's house or even at a camp with friends? Yeah. Composer Jim Wilson seems to have a special appreciation for the music of these insects.

Wilson simply recorded the singing of crickets and then slowed down the sound he got to prove what he already suspected: the singing of these insects looks a lot like a choir of human voices.

The impeccable result of his work is now praised by numerous music professionals, including Tom Waits, who stated: “Wilson is always playing with time. I recently heard a slow-down cricket singing recording. Sounds like a choir, sounds like angel music. Something magical, heavenly with harmony and bottoms you wouldn't believe. ”

Are you curious to check the result? Then listen to the following available audio and then tell us what you think of this impressive work that mixes the original recordings with the slow speed sound: