Couple buy home from 'Summoning Evil' and say to be haunted

Courage is the word that defines the couple Cory and Jennifer Heinzen. They bought in June 2019 the historically haunted farm on the outskirts of Rhode Island in the United States that inspired the Evil Evil horror film franchise . And, according to the couple, fame is no coincidence.

The farm has a scary past. (Source: Wjar)

The reason for buying such a dark property? The two are paranormal investigators, which at least gives them some advantage in dealing with any presence that may be in the house. Formerly known as "Old Arnold", the farm, according to the new owners, still features paranormal activities such as "opening doors, footsteps and bangs, " Cory Heinzen told the Sun newspaper.

"We had a few moments here that made us jump a little, " he adds. "We had doors open on our own, footsteps, disembodied voices, electronic voice phenomena and some impressive spiritual box sessions."

"It's a beautiful home"

The Heinzens in front of the property that inspired the movie Summoning Evil. (Source: Reproduction / Facebook)

Despite the house's history - and even the Heinzens' own experience - they immediately fell in love with the property when they decided to buy it. "Eight and a half acres, a river in the back and a lake, it's so serene down there, no matter the story behind the house, it's a beautiful home."

Plans for the future include repair and preservation, possible documentary shooting to tell the scary story, and opening tours for people interested in the paranormal.

Dark past

The farm when the Perron family lived there. (Source: YouTube)

The Evocation of Evil film tells the story of the Perron family, who moved to the property during the 1970s. Carolyn and Roger Perron and their five daughters began to witness unexplainable events that did not take long to grow in proportion and begin to frighten the people. residents.

What began with broom shifting or disappearing increased to rotting flesh smells, beds rattling daily at 5:15 am and objects being thrown and broken on the wall.

Carolyn and her five daughters in front of the haunted house. (Source: YouTube)

Those responsible for investigating the haunted house were Ed and Lorraine Warren, the world's best-known paranormal detectives. They held a home session to get in touch with the ghosts that plagued the Perrons when Carolyn appeared to be "possessed" and began to speak unfamiliar languages ​​and raise chairs in the air.

Then the Warrens left and everything apparently returned to normal. The family only left the property in the 1980s when they could afford a new home. “People are free to believe whatever they want. But I know what we've been through, "said Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter of the couple who secretly watched the session.