Spider rain scares Paraná residents

A curious fact has invaded social networks over the past week (02/02): the video of what is being called “spider rain” has made many people worried about finding hundreds of arachnids suspended in the air ahead.

The phenomenon occurred in a rural property of Santo Antonio da Platina, in northern Paraná, and was caused by environmental imbalance in the region. Thousands of spiders Anelosimus eximius - a species known as the 'shadow weaver' - have built huge webs of light between wires, power poles and trees to catch prey, usually mid-sized insects.

On Sunday, February 3, designer Érick Reis was registering a wedding in a small farm when he caught the phenomenon, captured images and published the video on the network. In a short time, the material went from 15 thousand views.

In an interview with local newspaper Gazeta do Povo, Luiz Carlos de Pontes Silva, professor of biology at the State University of Northern Paraná (UENP), says that the lack of natural predators, such as birds and bats, makes spiders find the environment. ideal for development.

The researcher also points out a study he made in the region over the past year that shows that a considerable increase in the spider population as a result of the exchange of fruit trees (which attract bats and birds) for pasture.

Pontes Silva explains that webs are usually made by females, however, as the breeding period approaches - which occurs at this time of year - males also start making webs to impress females. It is exactly this competition that leaves the place covered in webs, which are quite tough.

Although the phenomenon is quite impressive, the biologist warns: it is best to stay away from animals, as the species is very aggressive, and contact can cause allergies in healthy adults, as well as complications that reach anaphylactic shock for children and people with poor health.

And you, what would you do if you ran into a rain of dark weavers?