How often should we wash our hair?

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It seems that the experts on the subject - be they doctors, hairdressers or even our mothers - have not yet reached a consensus on how often we should wash our hair. However, everyone agrees that looking dirty is not good for anyone, is it?

To wash or not to wash?

Hair washing is often a relatively new concept. In fact, people used to wash their hair once a week when they went to beauty salons to tweak their look. Many even made these visits every 15 days, and some once a month.

However, it seems that the old ways are returning to fashion. An Australian radio station, after interviewing a guest who said he had not washed his hair for over a decade, decided to challenge the listeners.

A total of 500 participants were without their hair for six weeks, and at the end of that period, what they found was surprising: 86% said their hair was no better or worse than before. Even those with dry hair stated that their hair was normal; Those who complain of having too straight hair noticed that they have had more shape and volume; who suffered from dry scalp noticed that the problem was gone; and even those who had problems with greasiness noticed that it had normalized.

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Why does my hair look dirty?

The sebaceous glands, structures present in all mammals, are found throughout the body - except on the palms and soles - especially on the scalp and face. They are responsible for the secretion of an oily substance - tallow - that serves to protect and waterproof the skin and hair.

Sebum is produced by special cells, which absorb fat present in our body and transport it to the sebaceous glands, which then expel it through the hair follicles. Without it, the skin and hair could dry out and flake prematurely.

However, letting this substance accumulate, and can cause skin problems such as acne, for example, also translates into poor hygiene, especially for modern western culture.

Why do we do it? Culture, honey!

Our hygiene habits, especially those inherited by the Indians who lived here before European colonization, actually eliminate the natural protection created by the sebaceous glands. Strange, because we first eliminate the protection of skin and hair with soaps and shampoos, which act as true detergents, and then we smear with moisturizers and creams to rehydrate them.

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Returning to the subject: how often should we wash our hair?

How often you should wash your hair depends on your personal preference. The secret seems to lie in observing your body and doing what makes you most comfortable.