How much can humanity evolve technologically in 5,000 years?

As we study the past, it can be noted that over a period of 5, 000 years, absurd changes have taken place. Some civilizations have disappeared, others have left some traces; technology has made huge leaps ... Not to mention the most diverse cultural issues. So what changes do theorists envision for the world around the year 7000?

It is very difficult to think clearly of something so far away, considering things that have not yet been invented or thought, but many scholars have their slight theories of what may come, and today we are going to talk specifically about technology.

The first step

In 1964 Russian astrophysicist Nicolai Kardashev developed some theories regarding the technical advance of civilizations and how we might be in 5, 000 years. But before we get to the breakthroughs imagined by the astrophysicist, we would have to survive and fix some of the trouble created now.

Ecologically, it is no longer news to anyone that humanity was somewhat aggressive to the planet as it is to itself. Technology is often misused, doing a lot of damage to the lives of many.

So let's say that humanity is capable of solving all these problems, of evolving, and that on the way the planet is not knocked out by any aggressive asteroid: what would be the big step in human evolution?

What can we expect?

According to Kardashev, this technical advance is related to how civilizations can manipulate energy to secure their way of life. And by "civilizations" he is referring to planets, not countries; so basically it's our civilization and the aliens.

These civilizations would be divided into three. Type 1 would be able to utilize and manipulate the planet's energy - like atmospheric energy - and in learning to deal with the globe, theoretically ecology would no longer be worrying. Type 2 would be able to handle the star system, harnessing the energy of stars and even making interstellar travel. Already the type 3 would be on a much more advanced scale, at the same galaxy level.

For Kardashev, we are not even able to enter this rank yet, but he strongly believed that in a few hundred years we could reach level 1; already to reach 2, if the technology collaborates, it would take some other thousands of years.

For sure, by the year 7000 a lot will change: culturally, technologically and geographically. Let's hope that, contrary to what many predictions and endless studies point out, is toward something better. Anyway, what do you think, dear reader?


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