Get to know some more strange and unusual ice cream flavors

Apparently the wave of weird ice cream flavors has no time to end. Every day ice cream parlors, ice cream brands, and restaurants throw some weird news on their menus, bringing to the public blends surprisingly never before imagined for this type of food.

Right here at Mega Curioso you've had the opportunity to check out some of those bizarre ice creams found around the world, as well as weird options from Japan, sushi, vegetable and even Viagra ice cream!

In the United States, weird flavors are also increasingly present on the menus of some establishments. Some, while they may seem strange, may even result in pleasant tastes.

For example, in an ice cream shop called Max & Mina in New York, sweet corn flavors are served with beer, while in Portland's Salt & Straw you can find pear with gorgonzola and balsamic strawberry with black pepper. . Would you approve of these flavors? Check below some more found in the lands of Uncle Sam.

1 - Chorizo ​​and Caramel

First We Feast

This ice cream is a creation of chef Sam Mason of the OddFellows ice cream shop in Brooklyn, New York. On the menu, some flavors are already surprising, such as burnt marshmallow ice cream and olive oil, plus one made with Guinness beer. However, the strangest of the varieties found there may be that of chorizo ​​and caramel, which is much sought after and strikes the perfect balance between sweet and salty. Is it good?

2 - The “larica”

Founded by former screenwriter Brian Smith, the Ample Hills ice cream parlor fits into a new wave of New York ice cream parlors that have conquered audiences crazy about the icy treat. Among the peculiar flavors is “The Munchies” - which means “larica” - which is an ice cream with a mix of pretzel and chips, salty Ritz crackers and mini M & Ms. It may be that with all this together you should really kill that little fom, eh?

3 - Sea urchin, mint and meringue

Opened by cousins ​​Kim and Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw (from Portland) takes the concept of creative flavors to a whole new level. Imagine mixing sea creatures, herbs and spices in an ice cream? Well, the one you see in the image above is produced with sea urchins off the west coast of the United States infused with fresh mint leaves and pepper. For refined palates.

4 - Black Rice

Since opening in 2008, Van Leeuwen has attracted dedicated followers in New York. Among some different ones that are sold there are Ceylon cinnamon and Earl Gray tea. Another more unusual flavor of the menu is that of sweet black rice. Maybe you remember the famous dessert made with white rice or not ...

5 - Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

The combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese forms a classic filling for American bagels, which are usually eaten there for breakfast. However, what if these flavors were placed in an ice cream? Max & Mina's ice cream parlor did this, producing a special ice cream with smoked salmon, cream cheese and a touch of salt. Would you like to taste?

6 - Pizza

Cold pizza for breakfast okay, but imagine an ice cream made from the round ingredients for dessert? Even the most passionate about pizza could find that flavor strange. This is another weirdness found at Queens' Max & Mina in New York and made with mozzarella, tomato sauce and real pizza pieces.

7 - Fried Chicken and Waffles

Since its inception in 2009, Coolhaus (from Los Angeles and New York) has been serving a menu filled with ice cream that mixes sweet and savory flavors. One of the best examples of this is fried chicken ice cream and waffles, inspired by a classic Southern party.

8 - Lobster

The Ben & Bill ice cream parlor, known in Bar Harbor, Maine, has decided to make an unimaginable ice cream, even for those who love vanilla and shellfish. The creators of the flavors decided to produce an option with fresh lobster, butter and vanilla ice cream, in a totally original novelty. How does it feel to eat this mix?