Meet the veiled octopus, the species whose female is 40 thousand times larger than the male

Have you ever heard of the octopus-veil? It is a very exotic sea creature that is part of the genus tremoctopus, and the most bizarre in this species is the size difference between the genders: the female can reach 2 meters in length, being up to 40 thousand times larger than the male, which It's tiny and only a few inches.

The animal is also known as a blanket octopus because of its "sprawling" appearance, with its tentacles attached by a type of cape. Despite their blanket nickname, these animals live in warm, secluded regions, and are rarely seen at all.

The mating between these two creatures of such different sizes occurs because the male has a tentacle-like structure that reserves his reproductive cells and is able to crawl and reach the female's mantle where fertilization occurs. But the honeymoon ends the male's death soon after mating, leaving the female alone carrying about 100, 000 eggs.


The male super-small species Image Source: Reproduction / Hypescience

To ensure its defense against predators, this animal usually pulls the tentacles from the jellyfish, as it does not feel pain when in contact with this type of animal. Then, if any threats appear, the jellyfish pieces are thrown at the enemy and guarantee the octopus escape.

To get an idea of ​​the eccentricity of this animal, there were no records of the appearance of the male until 2003, due to its tiny size. Now, however, scientists already know your anatomy better. Watch below a video showing images of this beautiful and colorful animal in its marine daily life. Then tell us what you think.