North Korea requires population to store their poop to make compost

The situation in North Korea is not smelling very good: Kim Jong-un's dictatorial government is demanding that the population keep their own feces to serve as fertilizer on the country's crops. North Korea is suffering from a shortage of natural fertilizers after South Korea imposed economic embargoes when neighboring "top" sank one of its ships in 2010.

Last year, the southern government even sent fertilizers north, but the relationship has soured again and Kim Jong-un's country is in danger of losing its crops and causing hunger in the population. However, the practice of storing poop is already old in the country: Yeonmi Park managed to escape from there in 2007, and this was already requested by the inhabitants.

“Every worker and every school had a quota to fill. You can imagine the problems this has brought to families, ”Park said. He says the government campaign also included animal waste. The situation was so complicated that some people pooped from neighbors' houses! At school, students were even sent out in search of dogs that were doing their needs, which were seen as gold.

Population has daily poop "collection" goal