This woman married her own dog: “better than man”

Wilhelmina Mongan Callaghan of Northern Ireland is a woman who claims to be happy with her mate Henry, with whom she has been married for 8 years. The intriguing detail of this link lies in the fact that Henry is actually a dog.

At The Independent, Callaghan says she and Henry have been married since 2009 and that with him, she has been through difficult times with less sadness.

She worked in a morgue but ended up being laid off and having to work as a freelance embalmer, which does not make her much money. To make matters worse, his house flooded, and the damage was great: "But Henry has been excellent - he's very loyal, " she said.

True love

Wilhelmina Mongan Callaghan

Affectionately, the Irishwoman calls the dog "Ri, " which means "King" in ancient Gaelic, "because he is a king - my king." Henry, a Yorkshire Terrier, was adopted in 2009 and, after discovering that people marry their pets, Callaghan decided to do the same.

Since this type of marriage is not legalized, she performed a spiritual ceremony with her beloved. In addition to Henry, she owns 10 other dogs, but only married him.

Believing that dogs are better than men, she now increases the number of people who marry pets. “Unlike other marriages that end, I know I've been with Henry for a lifetime. People may think I'm crazy, but he's perfect for me, ”he said.