These 10 animals will probably be extinct in 10 years

You probably already know that things are not going well, that nature is asking for help and that things tend to get worse, especially if we do nothing to change. What you may not know is that in just 10 years some animals can simply become extinct. Check out who they are below:

1 - Tortoise Astrochelys yniphora

Reproduction / turtleconservancy

Source: Reproduction / turtleconservancy

This is simply the rarest tortoise in the world. Native to Madagascar, there are only 300 of these animals worldwide. In 2013, 10% of the world's entire Astrochelys yniphora population was found in a smuggler's suitcase.

2 - Iberian Lynx

Playback / wwf

Source: Playback / wwf

In 2004 there were only 100 adult Iberian lynx - those born in captivity are returning to nature in an attempt to repopulate. Today there are only 300 of these living animals, which represents an extreme risk of extinction.

3 - Sumatran Rhino

Reproduction / worldwildlife

Source: Reproduction / worldwildlife

This is the smallest rhino species, reaching a maximum of one meter in height. The extinction of these animals has to do with selling their horns, which are worth $ 30, 000 per kg. Only 200 are alive today.

4 - Prolemur simus

Reproduction / imgur

Source: Reproduction / imgur

This mammal feeds on bamboo, which contains cyanide, a poisonous substance. It is not yet known how these animals survive the food they eat. Until 1986 they were believed to be extinct, but about 100 animals are still in the wild. Just do not know for how long.

5 - Sumatran Tiger

Reproduction / zoo

Source: Reproduction / zoo

On average 40 of these animals are killed by humans every year in Sumatra. In 1978, a thousand of these tigers were alive. The number today has dropped to 400.

6 - Amur Leopard

Reproduction / endangeredliving

Source: Reproduction / endangeredliving

With only 30 amur leopards on the planet, reproduction is even more difficult due to inbreeding, which is nothing more than the ancestry-related mating system of related animals. Females give birth to only one baby at a time.

7 - Palestinian Spotted Frog

Reproduction / NationalGeographic

Source: Reproduction / NationalGeographic

It has not been seen for 60 years until 2011. Scientists believe that only 14 of these frogs still exist in the world. The species closest to her died 15, 000 years ago.

8 - Ambystoma mexicanum

Reproduction / NationalGeographic

Source: Reproduction / NationalGeographic

This salamander was considered totally extinct until two of them were recently seen this year. This animal has the capacity for limb regeneration and is therefore considered very important for scientific research.

9 - Rafetus swinhoei

Reproduction / Stanford

Source: Reproduction / Stanford

This is simply the largest freshwater turtle in the world and only four of them are alive.

10 - Chinese Lake Dolphin

Reproduction / olife

Source: Reproduction / Olife

The species was declared extinct in 2006, and in 2007 some signs led to the belief that some of these dolphins still exist, but the number is too small to repopulate the environment.