Frustrated? How about destroying some cars with a battle tank?

(Image source: Reproduction / The Daily Mail)

New Zealand is famous for being the land of extreme sports, much sought after by those wishing to release an extra dose of adrenaline. For it seems that the country can also become the tourist destination of frustrated drivers!

Jonathan Lahy-Neary, a Christchurch company owner, offers tourists the chance to smash some cars - and their frustrations - with the use of their vehicles. Neary has a fleet of eight armored tanks and a few other monsters, and the pride of the collection is Maximus, a Centurion - British battle tank - which weighs 52 tons and has a Rolls-Royce V-12 engine.

According to Neary, if you've had a bad day, smashing a sedan might be a good way to relieve all the stress you're feeling. Some illustrious drivers have already gotten rid of their frustrations with the tanks, such as members of the band Smashing Pumpkins and some players from the New Zealand rugby team. The public that hires the service the most is men, ranging from teenagers to seniors.

The tanks, bought through a Hungarian arms dealer, were relatively easy to get. Basically, if you have the money, just order yours. However, if you prefer to test drive first, a 15-minute ride can cost $ 365, with an extra $ 325 if you want to crush a car.