Twins come out of the closet to find out they got the same guy

The story of how identical twins Michael and Zach Zakar came out of the closet is quite unusual. The two are 24, are role models and are successful in defending the rights of the LGBT community. Recently, they released a video of how they discovered each other's sexuality while still in high school.

It all started when Zach stayed home one day because of a stomach infection. Only Michael went to school and there he bumped into "Peter Wentz". In fact, this is a code name used by both of them not to expose their high school classmate. It turns out that the guy who approached Michael was identical to the lead singer of the band Fall Out Boy, so the use of that nickname.

Michael and Zach Zakar are role models and defend gay rights.

“Peter” would have asked Michael if he wanted to “take a walk, ” and of course the twin had his colleague's second and third intentions. Both went to a bathroom in the school, where they began to knead. At the apex of the act, with the boys in their pants down, some of the rubgy teammates came into the room and caught them both.

Quickly, everyone began to confirm rumors that Zach would be gay - many at school were already talking about it from behind, but no one was sure. Except the poor twin was home that day! Heavily aware of having "exposed" his brother, Michael decided to open the game and explain what had happened.

It was at this point that life decided to turn out to be extremely ironic: in fact, Zach was gay too and had gotten the same “Peter Wentz” three days earlier! And in the same bathroom! Maybe that was why the so-called "Peter" approached Michael, since he had thought it was Zach - in high school, both were even more identical. In the end, this served to further unite the brothers. You can check out the video below:


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