Woman sends bar of soap made with her own fat to ex-boyfriend

We know, breakups are not always easy. Even worse when one side ends up humiliated, as was the case with a Chinese girl, known only as' XiaoXiao ''.

The young woman told on Weibo, Chinese Twitter, all her revenge plan. After getting her boyfriend out for being overweight, she underwent liposuction and, unsatisfied, produced bars of soap with the fat she removed during the procedure.

According to her, the intention was that the ex-boyfriend "wash his mouth" after making such bad comments about his appearance. In addition to the strange "gift", the young woman would also have sent some pictures for him to see her change.

The ex-boyfriend, who didn't like the joke at all, replied "XiaoXiao '' also over the network:" Why are you making me look bad on the internet? Damn, it was all over between us. You didn't have to go to a hospital to suck up the fat and make me sick ”.

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