In the US, locals catch bear resting in hammock [video]

When you look out the window of your home, probably the last thing you expect to find is a bear. But unfortunately, this is the risk that some Florida residents are taking.

After some of these animals were spotted visiting the neighborhood last Thursday, a black bear was caught resting in a Daytona Beach resident's hammock. “He lay in the hammock like a tourist or something, ” says Vicent James, the owner of the house where the animal decided to rest for a few minutes.

It is usually James who takes advantage of his free time to relax on the hammock in his garden. This time, photographer Rafael Torres, who accompanied the scene, reported that the bear lay about 20 minutes, relaxing, as if the situation were absolutely normal. Torres took advantage of the black bear's “moment of relaxation” to photograph, even though he was 18 meters away. Apparently the presence of a human did not disturb the rest of the wild animal.

The dangers of approach

Local residents report that the bear had been prowling around the area for a few days, rummaging through garbage and bird feeders for food. As funny as the news sounds - after all, it's not every day someone gets a chance to get a bear home - people need to be alert.

In April, a black bear attacked a woman who was dragged from her garage to the street. Prior to the incident, residents had already informed authorities of the animals' presence.

It is also important for the population to understand that these wild animals cannot be fed or given any other incentive to keep them nearby. Proximity can be risky and once a bear is comfortable among people, it is no use relocating it - it will keep coming back to human life.