What do you see when you glance at this image?

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you took a look at the image of the story? That she showed the audience of one of the great music festivals taking place around the world or a lively audience watching a rock concert of a famous band? So, take a look at the following photo and see what it really portrays!

It seems, but it's not

(Micah Horn)

As you have seen, dear reader, the image shows no audience, let alone a trendy show. In fact, according to folks at Twisted Sifter, this is a picture of some harvesting machines working on a cotton plantation at night, apparently on a Texas farm. According to the publication, the photo was recently shared on Instagram by photographer Micah Horn - and believe me, it has fooled a lot of people! See the original post:

No it's not a concert, but it's a heck of a show !! I will say, you do get your exercise when you take harvest photos !! As soon as that basket is full you jump off (without falling off I might add) before the boll buggy pulls up and hit a quick trot 50-100 feet out, crouch to get just the right angle with just the right light and pray that You're holding the camera steady enough to actually get a clean image. And, when the transfer of cotton from stripper to boll buggy is complete, it's a game of jumping back into the cotton stripper while in motion. I think the crew was waiting for me to slip up but luckily, well, I'm a pro at this game ... (jk I fell like twice) #vivallanoestacado #igtexas # harvest2017 #agrowlife

A post shared by Micah Horn (@ micah.b.horn) on Oct 29, 2017 at 5:54 am PDT

And if you're among those who thought the image depicted the typical scene of a rock show, don't feel bad! The photo was shared on Reddit - a social network focused on the dissemination and discussion of content circulating on the internet - and one of the users (a programmer named Romin Irani) decided to do some testing with Google's Cloud Vision API, including this processing tool. confused with the results. Look:

Ran the image through Google Cloud Vision API too and got the following results. I guess we have trained the machines wrongly too! ;-) pic.twitter.com/eAfhOoHRvA

- Romin Irani (@iRomin) November 5, 2017