Scare: lightning strikes next to boy, who miraculously survives

It seemed like an ordinary morning at the Kotur family house: her mother, Carolina, was inside the house soothing her daughter, who was afraid of rain and thunder, while her 12-year-old son played with an umbrella. under a gutter.

Carolina decided to shoot the boy's joke when the unlikely happened: lightning seems to hit the boy in full! Mom screams and stops the recording on time! The bizarre case happened in the city of Posadas, Argentina, right on the border with Paraguay. See the scary moment in the video below:

Despite the fright, the boy is doing well and suffered nothing. Luckily, the lightning struck a tree 5 meters away from him, and the lightning didn't hit him. Unfortunately, the same day, lightning killed two people in EncarnaciĆ³n, across the border in Paraguay. Now the boy will think twice before playing again in the rain. Tense, huh?