Organ dealers charge up to $ 200,000 for a kidney

The black organ market not only exists but it is much easier to reach these people than you might think. Ophira Dorin even shelled out nearly $ 200, 000 for a kidney in Israel after years of waiting for a transplant.

It was a matter of time before Ophira reached those responsible for international organ trafficking. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the organs offered typically do not meet even a tenth of the demand - that is: over 90% of people who need a transplant in the world simply cannot.

This is why the number of illicit organ sales is increasing. Usually those who sell their organs are very poor people who do not realize the risks they are taking. A New York Times survey found that many Israelis do not find donors because of the religious beliefs of relatives of the dead, who do not authorize donation. Getting a donor in Israel is therefore much more difficult.

"When a person needs an organ transplant, they do everything in their power, " said Meir Broder, legal advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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