Amish people build an entire shed in less than 10 hours [video]

The Amish villages have very particular traditions and customs, living in communities that unite the religiosity and simplicity of a routine that often dispenses with the facilities of modern life.

Among some of the Amish traditions is community building. All the men in the community help and get involved in the activity by lifting whole beams and walls, laying tiles and making the entire structure. Meanwhile, women and girls prepare food and drinks to power men's energy during and after work.

In one of these Amish construction activities, the entire building and completion of the huge shed was recorded in time-lapse video, and the structure was completed in just 10 hours in a single day. From dawn to late afternoon, what was only a building base became a beautiful barn. Check it out below:

The person responsible for recording the images was Penny Miller, who recorded everything from 7am until 5pm, compressing the 10 hours in three minutes and thirty seconds. Each frame was recorded at 20-second intervals, showing how amazing their work is!