Come envy: Japanese company pays employees who sleep more

That sleep is good for health is everyone bald to know. But with the hectic routine of life, it is difficult to have those 8 basic hours of sleep, right? A company in Japan decided to change this paradigm a little and started to pay the employees who will work more rested.

CRAZY, a Tokyo-based wedding planning company, has created a sleep compensation system in which a properly sleeping employee can earn a bonus for use in cafeterias and cafeterias. Through a partnership with Airweave, which conducts sleep quality analysis, the Japanese firm monitors how much its employees sleep daily and creates the pay scale at the end of the month.


App monitors daily amount of sleep

And no small thing, no: every 6 hours of sleep a day generates 100 points, which are reversed in yen. If you do 5 days a week, it will be 500 points, but if you can sleep all week for at least 6 hours, you will earn 1, 000 points! That is, if the employee sleeps well for 7 consecutive days, receives the equivalent of $ 33! You just can't spend everything on coffee later, otherwise the rhythm will be broken ...

Data is monitored through a mobile app. And if you share your data for 1 month, even without quality sleep, you will still have 1, 000 more bonus points at the end of 30 days. During the tests, employees who agreed to participate showed an improvement in productivity and sleep quality. Therefore, since October 10th, all employees have been invited to participate in the experiment. Cool huh?


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