You can hear languages ​​and accents from around the world on this interactive map.

The world is huge and it is impossible for us to know how everyone talks about every bit of land we inhabit. It's hard when you travel from a southeast to northeast place, for example, within Brazil, but still the language, accent and slang change completely, and vice versa. Imagine then leaving here and going to another country!

To tighten that up, former Microsoft software engineer David Ding has created a site called Localingual, which lets you listen to phrases and phrases in general spoken by people from every region of the world.

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How to use the map?

The map is very simple to use and quite intuitive. As soon as you enter the site, a world map will appear, and just click on the country you want to listen to. From there, click on the desired state / area, then the city / province you want to hear.

When a white phrase window appears on your screen, simply click above each window to hear a local resident reading with the distinctive accent and style of each region. Not to mention the slang we come to know, unique to each place.

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For those who like to know new languages ​​or even learning a new language, the site is very useful beyond curiosity, to listen to real people speaking normal phrases, helping to improve fluency.