Did you know that many people retire at 30? Find out how

Are you the type who envies your grandparents when you remember that they are retired people? Well know that there are people out there enjoying the benefits of retirement at age 30. Sounds like a lie, we know, but it's the truth.

The BBC told the stories of some young retirees and revealed what they did to achieve this feat in many countries around the world, including Brazil. First, learn the story of Pete, a Canadian who prefers not to have his full name disclosed.

He and his wife began to think of their retirement days at the age of twenty. Today Pete runs a blog with tips for those who want to hang up their boots early. On his page, the retired young man gives financial tips and even teaches how to make money "easy". According to Pete, some of his readers have been retired since they were 30 years old. They are people from countries like Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Brazil.

Do you want to stop too?

Reproduction / kellenconscious

Source: Reproduction / kellenconscious

But if you think it's simple, know that simplicity has nothing to do with what you need to do to retire early. Pete and his wife made financial savings for at least ten years. Today, at 39, he lives on the money he saved early.

Saving, in fact, is no easy task. It is necessary to reduce all kinds of expenses. Pete recommends, for example, pedaling rather than driving, and prefer to cook his own food over lunch outside. He and his wife reduced meat consumption and used to shop wholesale. If you think these steps are too small for big results, be aware that Pete believes he has saved $ 300, 000 for not using a car and $ 75, 000 for not eating out for ten years.

Instead of maintaining small “luxuries” like the ones mentioned above, the couple chose to save good money, buy a home in Colorado, and make stock investments. Today they live on the money they have spent and the profits these economies have made.


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Source: Reproduction / huffingtonpost

There are also those who want to retire only for a short time and take a kind of long vacation or, perhaps, a sabbatical rest. Sports journalist Ed Hawkins decided to quit his job at 33, arguing that he would not want to spend the best years of his life working in an office.

Hawkins decided to leave the job for the future and, accompanied by his wife, moved to southern France. The recipe? Simple: "I've been working hard since I was 18 and I was able to buy a property. I rented my London apartment and live on it, " the journalist told the BBC. He only wants to go back to work when he is 50 years old.

The business is saving

Reproduction / thoselondonstudents

Source: Reproduction / thoselondonstudents

Are these people wrong to think of retirement early? Probably not. According to consultant Helen Hogan, "The sooner you start [thinking about retirement], the better because of the interest gains." It's all a matter of simple math: the less you spend, the more you have. This goes for a lot: from calories to coins in the piggy bank.

It is also important to consider that Pete did not stop working. He keeps the blog, which is a job, but without worrying about schedules, salaries and the like. This is a more possible privilege for people living in rich countries, but in places where taxes are not so high and wages are higher (cof, cof). So, in fact, it seems to be easier. But even in Brazil, where the economic reality is not the best, it is possible to retire early, yes, with hard work and economy.

Pete says he does not propose a life off, but a happier, more natural life. His wife, for example, has gone back to school and is volunteering - which can be done even if you are not retired, of course. So what do you think about this concept of early retirement?